Young Women by Jessica Moor

Jessica Moor’s Young Women is a gripping, thought-provoking novel, forged from the #MeToo era and reflective of a society complicit to the abuse of power.

It is an indictment on both the violence of the patriarchy and the judicial and societal pressures forced on to survivors.

When two twenty-something women meet at a climate protest, a fast friendship is forged and solidified with martinis, sleepovers, and day-trips across London. However, Emily’s new friend, the dazzling actress Tamsin, has been hiding a dark secret about her own past. As news breaks of allegations against a famous Hollywood director, Emily finds herself more and more invested in Tamsin’s trauma and increasingly obsessed with how Tamsin should react.

Young Women tackles issues such as modern feminism, victim blaming, complicity versus solidarity, the abuse of power, female friendships, and social responsibility.

As such, it is not always an easy read. It will challenge you, sicken you, disturb you, amuse you, depress you, and leave you furious. However, the plot is never bogged down and I found myself whipping through the pages, thoroughly engrossed.

Title: Young Women

Author: Jessica Moor

Publisher: Allen & Unwin

Publication date: 5 July 2022

RRP: $29.99