Little Nothings by Julie Mayhew

Little Nothings is a story about the dark side of female friendships - critiques disguised as compliments, character assassinations disguised as concern, and all those little nothings that can be waved away until they accumulate into something big.

Our narrator, Liv, is on the outs of her inner circle. As the story progresses in real-time and in flash-back, we witness her rise and fall from social graces, and her re-evaluation of her friendships. Was that offhand comment a show of support or a toxic dig? Why do I not understand that in-joke? Why is my best friend trying to destroy me?

In the present timeline, we join Liv on a trip of a lifetime. Four families holidaying together on a Greek island for three weeks of sun, drinks, and re-connection. Of course, nothing is as it seems, and the author slowly unravels layer upon layer of tension, condescension, and apprehension.

I enjoyed the alternating timeline, and found Liv’s perspective to be challenging and engaging. There were times when I found myself debating how reliable she really was. Were these microaggressions really occurring or were they all in Liv’s head? Is she a victim of gaslighting or is she gaslighting me as a reader? The complexity of the protagonist is what propelled the story and had me turning the page.

Perfect for a beach read, I would suggest this book to anyone who enjoyed Big Little Lies, Mean Girls, or A Simple Favour.

Title: Little Nothings

Author: Julie Mayhew

Publisher: Raven Books (Allen & Unwin)

Publication date: April 2022

RRP: AUD $29.99

Thank you to Allen & Unwin for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.