Cult Classic by Sloane Crosley

Sloane Crosley’s Cult Classic is a thought-provoking exploration of the imprint exes leave on our lives, and the question of whether or not current partners should join that cohort of failed romances.

One night in Chinatown, our protagonist, Lola, coincidentally stumbles upon an old-flame… then another… then another… then another, until she wonders if perhaps these “run-ins” are not coincidences after all?

However, what starts as a rom-com premise - think Ghosts of Girlfriends Past meets Sliding Doors - is twisted by the author’s addition of philosophical theories, psychological conspiracies, and a high-functioning contemporary cult.

Sloane Crosley’s writing is both relatable and hilarious. Whenever I found myself becoming frustrated with the central conceit of the plot, her witty use of language pulled me back in.

The reveal of the machinations behind the explosion of exes did leave me a tad disappointed. I was unable to buy into the logic behind the explanation. But like a movie trying to explain time travel, I decided to not get bogged down in the theory and just go along for the ride.

Once I did this, I was rewarded with a story that amused, entertained, and provoked introspection - as only the best literature can do.

Ultimately, this book will please anyone who has ever struggled with the world of modern dating or buys into the manifesting power of collective consciousness.

Title: Cult Classic

Author: Sloane Crosley

Publisher: Allen & Unwin

Publication date: 2 August 2022

RRP: $29.99